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Why choose Concierge Solutions?

Before meeting with you for an interview, our candidates have already passed through a rigorous prescreening and training process.

Out training program includes Budgeting; Time Management; Creating Newsletters; Event Coordination; Discount Ticket Ordering and Sales, and Location of Local Transportation, Restaurants, and Points of Interest.

Each new Concierge also comes with a researched list of professional vendors for any personal or corporate event.

Local area providers of frequently requested services such as restaurants, health clubs, florists, etc. will be contacted about their willingness to give tenants preferential treatment or discounted prices in your future Concierge Resource Guide or new tenant Welcome Packets which save tenants and management both research and money.

As your service provider, we take pride in training our employees to answer questions with a smile.

Since the Concierge is often the first friend a new tenant makes in the building, we stress helping both regulars and guests in a friendly, professional manner at all times.

No request is ever too large or too small.

Our Concierges are also trained to be the eyes and ears of the building.

We act as liaison between tenants, security, maintenance, retailers, parking, and leasing as well as report appropriate feedback and concerns to management.

Concierge Solutions employees and independent contractors are provided with on going support from our main office.

Continual back up and guidance of our representatives is an important aspect of the Concierge Solution program.

If your Concierge ever comes across a question or project that he can't find a timely answer forů we're always, and only, just a quick call away for the solution.

Not only is Concierge Solutions a continual source of reference for our own Concierges, but we are available to your own staff and owners as well.

You may call us at anytime to discuss your Concierge program.

As a follow-through, one of our directors will visit your office from time to time to touch base with both Concierge and Property Manager.

We will also work with you in designing your new Concierge Center, which we will continually update with the latest brochures, informational pamphlets, or e-mail for the tenants to utilize and enjoy.

We promise to keep your Concierge apprised of anything new in the various service communities and urge each of our clients to enroll their buildings in the Los Angeles Society of Corporate Concierge each year.

This not only gives you, the client, access to a discount ticket program but it grants your Concierge access to a wide range of activities.

These monthly meetings allow him to expand his area knowledge while networking with new vendors, local restaurants, ticket services, and meeting with other Concierge from across Southern California.

Meetings of the L.A.S.C.C. are held monthly. Dues for each meeting will be paid for by Concierge Solutions.

Creating a Concierge program is an inexpensive way of upgrading your building.

Our unique services provide the highest quality at an economic cost.

Any of our plans are flexible and can be added to or deleted, in order to fit your company's needs and budget.

Using their resources, our Concierges know how to save your tenants and staff both time and money.

By helping to take care of your tenant's personal needs, office workers have more free time to concentrate on the business at hand.

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