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The Concierge Solutions Program

Level One Service

Level Two Service

Of course, while Level One offers everything that one could seemingly want, there are times when a little more personal attention is needed, and this is where Level Two comes in.

This program allows for more specialized attention, as one of our staff will personally set up an information center on your premises.

This table or window will display a calendar of local events, discount coupon books, updated sports and concert schedules, menus, maps, and other exciting information.

Our commitment is to visit the site weekly, ensuring that everything is up-to-date and orderly.

This type of center helps the tenants feel that the building truly is offering them a unique amenity, a personal Concierge service.

This also relieves one of your office personnel from looking up restaurant information or museum schedules all day long!

Level Two also entitles your property to be included in a discount ticket program.

As a member of the Los Angeles Society of Corporate Concierge, we can enroll you in our year-round Movie Theater and Amusement Park Service.

We will place all orders for you, as needed, as well as to supply your building with colorful flyers from each park and attraction.

To make it even easier for your residents -- you'll be able to sell your tickets right out of your own management offices!

Level Three Service

Level Four Service

Part-Time Concierge

Full-Time Concierge

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