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Level Two Service

Level Three Service

Level Three of our service is also unique.

If you wish, we can prepare a newsletter, tailor-made for your complex.

With your tenants in mind, the newsletter will offer building news as well as items of particular interest to the businesses and their guests such as exciting local entertainment and sightseeing information.

Co-written by our staff, the publisher, and your own management team, these newsletters will be attractive and filled with up-to-date event information.

The newsletter will have articles appealing to all tastes, but geared to your own facility and area.

Newsletters are prepared by our staff, but printing and shipping is billed directly to your company.

We utilize many different publishers and have price ranges to fit everyone's individual budget.

Or for buildings that already produce a professional newsletter, we are happy to forward a special Concierge Page of local activities and a list of our services, to be printed or inserted in your own publication each month.

Level Four Service

Part-Time Concierge

Full-Time Concierge

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