Concierge Solutions

Jon Lennie, Director of Services of Concierge Solutions

Although Jon has lived, worked, traveled, and studied across much of western Europe and Canada, he always comes home to Los Angeles. "I was born at Queen of Angeles Hospital. How much more of an Angelino can you get? I love L.A. On my mother's side, I'm a Russian Jew. My father was an Irish Catholic. I'm the product of the fusion of diverse cultures, just like Los Angeles!"

After graduating with a Theatre Arts degree with a minor in English from Loyola Marymount University, he took a job as a tour guide in the Canadian Rockies. Being a tour guide for a fresh group of fifty retired New York Jewish travelers every two weeks for the next seven years taught Jon how to be a mother, father, coach, referee, salesman, and activity planner. In other words, this proved to be perfect training for his career as a residential concierge. Every time he brought his group into a new hotel, he'd get to meet someone called "the concierge." "I always thought, hey, that seems like a pretty neat job to have someday. Becoming an expert on the city and getting paid to make people happy!" Little did he imagine…

Many jobs later, he finally landed a job in the Concierge Department at Nordstrom in the Westside Pavilion. Two and a half years later, he took a position as a Concierge/Post Commander of Security at an office building in Beverly Hills. Then he was off to a celebrity-filled apartment community in Studio City for a couple of years until he was hired away to become the Concierge of three luxury apartment complexes in downtown.

"I never thought I'd want to work downtown but now that I'm here I really enjoy it. I'm close to some wonderful Concierges in the area and we have become good friends in the past six years. I like the feeling of community that exists downtown. I'm close to museums, theatres, great restaurants, and free outdoor concerts all summer."

A few years ago, Jon had an idea to help other apartment communities enjoy concierge services, but from an off-site location. And thus began Concierge Solutions. Now a few short years later, Jon has clients throughout Los Angeles and employs a team of skilled concierges to work both "off and on-site" at many prestigious office and residential properties.

Even though he's delighted every time he lands a new client or gets to hire a new concierge, Jon has learned that the true value in life is to have friends like some of the great people he's met in the LASCC and LACA. He appreciates all those who have supported his endeavors and especially wishes to thank his great staff and partners. Without them, the business wouldn't be as successful or as much fun.

Of course, the real loves of his life are his children, Jessica and Montgomery. If you ever see Jon and Monty together, they look more like brothers than father and son, especially when cruising around in Jon's hot yellow '71 Dodge Charger. "That was my dream car when I was my son's age. If you wait long enough, I guess dreams do come true."