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A Full-Time Concierge

For the Ultimate in Personal Service

We are happy to design a full-time position by adding one of our fully trained, professional service representatives to your staff and organizing a permanent information desk at your facility.

This full-time Concierge could still visit other buildings, in the middle of each day, but would now have a central resource center to return to and work out of.

A professionally organized office or lobby desk creates a valuable environment for your on-site service, if a full-time professional is what your company is looking for.

An on-site full time Concierge not only offers daily Traditional Concierge duties to the tenants and helps to coordinate Special Events for the management (saving management valuable time), but he is also in the unique position of representing your building to the city.

Becoming your building's Ambassador to the Community is an important responsibility and one that we at Concierge Solutions take very seriously.

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