Concierge Solutions

Concierge Solutions

A few years ago, Concierge Solutions recognized that typical business people need to have access to the same kind of resources that are available to guests at five star hotels.  Concierge Solutions specializes in the placement and execution of concierge services in residential, corporate, and commercial properties.

We offer a new kind of corporate concierge service, one backed by a dynamic network of relationships built up over decades. Our team is capable of satisfying satisfies your every need or request from the difficult to the impossible.  Our concierge services are designed for our corporate, residential, and personal clients.  Depend on your requests being executed with speed, efficiency and professionalism.

Our residential concierges provide discrete, friendly and competent residential service.  We focus on providing a broad range of time saving solutions for residents and building management alike.

Each of our concierges has been trained to bring an extraordinary level of focus to each client’s individual needs.  Anybody with Internet access can book your Hollywood Bowl or Lakers tickets or make hotel reservations.

We are aware that Los Angeles is the center of the creative universe.  Concierge Solutions can help meet your traditional and new media needs, such as web site design, digital photography, photoshop, video production, editing, and duplicating.

What's special about Concierge Solutions, aside from the constant smiles and outstanding level of service, is the reach of our company's connections.  We'll get your tickets or reservations.   But we can also get you many of those in-demand tickets at a substantial discount.  We can also get you into that club you want to get into or arrange everything you need to throw a party on twelve hours' notice.

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